To “know thyself and be free”—this is the intention of this website, and the basis of the teachings that Jane shares.

Jane is a teacher of metaphysics, spiritual mentor, shamanic healer, and writer.  She has been sharing her personal journey through intimate writings, classes, workshops and events throughout the Southern California area for the past 7 years, and has recently moved to Portland, Oregon in 2019 to continue her work.


Specifically, this website is a hub through which I share my story and experiences, focusing on the practices and studies that have supported my own growth on this immense spiritual journey through the human experience.  My hope is to inspire you to uncover you own inner truth, and to reconnect deeply with your inherent joy and magnificence.  Along the way, perhaps you might be led to outlets, resources, or ideas that will take you down your own exciting rabbit hole of personal discovery—honoring the diversity of our individual journeys within the truth of our oneness.

My Offerings include:

    • VEDIC ASTROLOGY: as a tool for SWADHYAYA, or “Self-study,” to deepen our connection to the universe, and in turn deepening our connection to ourselves and one another
    • SPIRITUAL MEDICINESconnecting to the natural healing potential of Mother Earth as well as our own bodies, and experientially reacquainting ourselves to the indomitable strength of the human spirit. My medicinal work includes:
    • THE ART OF OPTIMAL HEALTH and WELL-BEING: based primarily on the principles of YANG SHENG FA—the Daoist practices of maximizing vitality, clarity, and longevity, along with my nearly a decade of personal experience with this, and such systems
    • EMBODIMENT PRACTICES: to deepen our connection to the NOW.  These are physical practices that help attune our mind-body-planet connection that we might be fitter, stronger, clearer vessels for our human journey.  I focus on the ancient practices of NEI GONG—the Daoist Internal Arts, and TANTRA YOGA



Jane Oka Kaya Shin

For nearly a decade, Jane has been working with people from numerous walks of life to better understand their place in this vast sea of existence, that they may partake more consciously in their own evolutionary process, and become masters of their destiny.


Jane left the United States military in 2004, after finally realizing that her career path to becoming an Army officer was starkly in misalignment with her values, and here, disillusionment came down on her hard—deep depression laden with alcoholism, substance abuse, and a nihilistic view of life followed.  Through this period, however, her study of Classical Western philosophy took a redemptive turn, and led her down the rabbit hole of Eastern metaphysics.  This led her to the study and practice of Chinese Martial Arts, and ultimately to Yoga/Vedanta, Daoism, and Zen.

In 2012, she lived in India continuing her studies, and earned her ERYT 200 from the Sri Ramakrishna lineage.  She remained serving as an instructor in the ashram, and had the privilege of studying Mantra with a teacher who carries on the authentic oral tradition of the Brahmins.  Her extended study of Vedic Philosophy eventually led her to Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology, leading her to study with respected Jyotishi, Sadasiva (Sam Geppi), with whom she earned her certification and has been practicing now for over 6 years.

While offering her services in the Southern California area, she found herself feeling that her practice was still somehow incomplete.  This prompted her to search down alternative routes, ultimately bringing her to the study and practice of the shamanic medicine traditions from the Amazon.  She especially resonated with Kambo for its ability to restore her beyond her previous levels of health and clarity—allowing her to continue on her journey with renewed vigor and joy.  And inspired by the immense healing she experienced with Kambo, she began apprenticing under Master Practitioner, Simon Scott, and has now been facilitating the medicine for 5 years, supporting the processes of over one hundred people.

And it was here, in the world of amazonian medicine, and through the Shipibo lineage of Peru, that she was given the name, Oka Kaya, “Crow Spirit.”  And through her own personal process, Jane has come to understand that we are always on our path, and through our unfolding, we can discover and cultivate the medicine we carry, and eventually, we cannot help but share it with the world.