To “know thyself and be free”—this is the intention of this website, and the basis of the teachings that Jane shares.

Jane Oka Kaya Shin is a teacher of metaphysics, spiritual mentor, writer, and lecturer.  She shares her personal journey through intimate writings, classes, workshops and events throughout the Southern California area.

Specifically, this is a hub through which I share my story and experiences, focusing on the practices and studies that have supported my own growth on this immense spiritual journey through the human experience.  My hope is to inspire you to uncover you own inner truth, and to reconnect deeply with your inherent joy and magnificence.  Along the way, perhaps you might be led to outlets, resources, or ideas that will take you down your own exciting rabbit hole of personal discovery—honoring the diversity of our individual journeys within the truth of our oneness.

My studies/practices include:

    • VEDIC ASTROLOGY as a tool for SWADHYAYA, or “Self-study,” to deepen our connection to ourselves, in turn deepening our connection to one another
      • Entheogenic Plant Medicines
      • KAMBO MEDICINE HEALING as a powerful cleanse to refresh, renew, and empower ourselves—deepening our connection to the natural healing potential of Mother Earth as well as our own bodies, and experientially reacquainting ourselves to the indomitable strength of the human spirit
    • THE ART OF OPTIMAL HEALTH and WELL-BEING based primarily on the principles of YANG SHENG FA—the Daoist practices of maximizing vitality, clarity, and longevity, along with my nearly a decade of personal experience with this, and such systems
    • EMBODIMENT PRACTICES to deepen our connection to the NOW.  These are physical practices that help attune our mind-body-planet connection that we might be fitter, stronger, clearer vessels for our human journey.  I focus on the ancient practices of NEI GONG—the Daoist Internal Arts, and TANTRA YOGA